Fascial Stretch Therapy

What is Fascia?
Fascia is an elastic type material that surrounds all of our muscles and other soft tissues like a
body stocking. The elastic nature of fascia makes it very pliable, returning to its original length
after being contracted or elongated. Experts in anatomy have uncovered distinct lines of fascia
that run throughout the body and allow us to move efficiently by coordinating muscles from head
to toe. Fascia is an essential part of every movement we perform, from exercising to tying our
shoes, even though most people don’t even know about it. Unfortunately, fascia can become
restricted, leading to a whole host of problems.

Why do Fascial Restrictions matter?
Our modern lifestyle typically includes too much time sitting and leads to poor posture and
accompanying fascial restrictions. Repetitive motions and trauma are even worse causes of
restrictions as they increase the density of our fascia, further impeding the body’s innate healing
capabilities. Dense, restricted fascia limits the body’s natural ability to move freely, and this can
lead to impaired circulation and lymphatic flow. When we don’t address our fascial restrictions,
we make daily life more challenging and may even contribute to the development of chronic

What occurs during a Facilitated Stretch Therapy (FST) session?
The FST therapist takes your body into elongated positions that target restrictions along fascial
lines. In some movements, you will resist specific motions while the therapist holds your body in
a stretched position. This combined effort will break down the dense, restricted fascia by
exceeding its tensile strength. Your body absorbs and excretes the broken down fascia. As a
result, your remaining fascia begins to regain its pliability and allows your body to regain its
innate movement capabilities. Through a combination of continued FST sessions and active
stretching on your own between sessions, your body will regain its vitality, and it will allow you
to perform your daily activities unencumbered by unnecessary restrictions along your fascial


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