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What Makes Empowering Bodies Different?

We believe in the following principles and use them to shape both our training and wellness programs

The Empowering Bodies Principles

You are worthy and deserving of the focus and attention needed to change your body

We believe that you need this focus and attention whether you want to heal your body, get in better shape, or move like you did before getting injured. All of our services are centered on this idea. You are not just another body that walks through the door. We provide the individual care and instruction you need for your specific concerns.


You have both the ability and the need to take charge of your physical health

While aging is inevitable, falling apart physically is not. You are in charge of how much you move, what you put in your body, and how you choose to spend your time. If you are unhappy with something, you have the responsibility to take action. Changing habits is challenging, but it is much better than giving into hopelessness. We can help you wade through the sometimes overwhelming options for improving your health.


You are more than your painful bodypart

Life is hard. Along the way, we all tend to hurt certain parts of our bodies. However, we do not have to be defined by these pains. Even when in agony, we are human beings with a painful part; we are not the painful part. Our training programs can work around problematic joints, and our wellness programs can help ease recurring pain. If we do not have the solution to your problem, we have an extensive network of other healthcare providers we can refer you to find relief.


Your body can heal itself

We firmly believe that the human body is capable of regulating itself and healing the vast majority of aches and pains on its own. However, sometimes we get stuck in habitual patterns and postures that inhibit these intuitive functions. In both our training and wellness programs, we will help you get out of these patterns and teach you methods to help maintain your regained health.


Everyone is an athlete

Some of us were not graceful children. As a result, we may have been pegged as non-athletes. This should not shape our whole lives though. We all have the ability to move beautifully, but we may be restricted in the present moment. Whether you never learned how to move well or you have musculoskeletal issues that make moving challenging, we will help you unlock the innate athleticism within your body.


 Quality is more important than quantity

How much you sweat does not determine how productive a training session is for you. What good is losing fat or lifting a record weight if you end up hurting yourself in the process? We will help you reach your goals while also making sure you do it as safely as possible.


Pain-free, effortless movement is more important than the exercise or tool used

Infomercials and trainers have taught many people that they need to use a specific exercise or a specific piece of exercise equipment to get results. Also, most people have been lead to believe that joint pain is a necessary part of training. These ideas are wrong. You are an individual, and you may or may not fit into the box that these people are trying to put you in. We focus on finding the right movements for your body. Depending on what your body is saying, you could end up using anything from a kettlebell to a sandbag. Some days your body may be so stressed out that it cannot handle anything but your own bodyweight. In both our training and wellness programs, we will show you how to make progress while feeling good at the same time.


Before you even think about training with Empowering Bodies we give you a FREE Fitness and Wellness Strategy Session.
This evaluation helps you determine where your body is now so that you have all the critical information you need before you even consider joining our gym or any other gym. Here’s what you can expect in your FREE Empowering Bodies Strategy Session: First, your professionally trained coach will sit down with you to learn about your health history, any past injuries, your training history and your specific goals. You will then be evaluated on your range of motion and flexibility and be asked to perform some baseline bodyweight movements. Don’t worry; none of these evaluations will be painful or embarrassing. The goal is to assess the current condition of your body so we can be sure that Empowering Bodies is the best fit for you. You’ll also be screened for any imbalances you may have that could eventually cause an injury. This screening helps to ensure that your fitness program, should you decide to train with us, is designed so that you are moving toward your goals safely. We don’t just throw you on a weight bench or treadmill without a full understanding of potential setbacks. Using this information, we’ll have a better feel for where you might want to go in your fat loss and fitness journey. You’ll receive all of this just for scheduling a consultation, without any obligation!

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