Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy is a very gentle, light-touch approach that releases tensions deep in the central nervous system so that every other system in the body can relax and self-correct. It helps you naturally free yourself of pain, stress, and discomfort. It is performed on clients fully clothed on a comfortable massage table.




At one point or another, many of us encounter a sense of despair. It feels like you are on a deserted island, surrounded by water on all sides. While you are relatively safe on island, you are not fulfilled in some way. Whether this despair is a physical issue, a set of stifled desires, or an inability to move on from a situation does not matter as much as your need to make a change. We understand this plight and offer the following packages to help you change.


De-Stress and Engage Your Body – The Toe in the Water Package

It is scary to leave that island. It is perfectly reasonable to want to feel the water before making any important decisions. This package includes:

  • 1 – 90 minute session
  • 1 – Follow-up phone call after the session

Explore Your Healing Options – The Wade into the Water Package

This package is perfect for when you are ready to make a change but want to reassure yourself that these first steps are not a mistake. Change is often scary, but this package can help you realize that there is hope for you beyond your known island. This packages includes:

  • 4 – 90 minute sessions
  • Proven protocols including the Upledger 10 Step Protocol and the Avenue of Expression Protocol
  • 1 Follow-up Phone Call after the Introductory Session
  • No pressure to continue – honest assessment upon completing the Package
  • A significant reduction in pain
  • Money Back Guarantee




Frequently Asked Questions

How does CranioSacral Therapy Work?
Few structures have as much influence over the body’s ability to function properly as the brain and spinal cord that make up the central nervous system. And, the central nervous system is heavily influenced by the craniosacral system – the membranes and fluid that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord.

Every day your body endures stresses and strains that it must work to compensate for. Unfortunately, these changes often cause body tissues to tighten and distort the craniosacral system. These distortions can then cause tension to form around the brain and spinal cord resulting in restrictions. This can create a barrier to the healthy performance of the central nervous system, and potentially every other system it interacts with.

Fortunately, such restrictions can be detected and corrected using simple methods of touch. With a light touch, the CST practitioner uses his or her hands to evaluate the craniosacral system by gently feeling various locations of the body to test for the ease of motion and rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid pulsing around the brain and spinal cord. Soft-touch techniques are then used to release restrictions in any tissues influencing the craniosacral system.

By normalizing the environment around the brain and spinal cord and enhancing the body’s ability to self-correct, CranioSacral Therapy is able to alleviate a wide variety of dysfunctions, from chronic pain and sports injuries to stroke and neurological impairment.

What conditions does CranioSacral Therapy address?

  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Autism
  • Stress and Tension-Related Disorders
  • Motor-Coordination Impairments
  • Infant and Childhood Disorders
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ Syndrome
  • Scoliosis
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Orthopedic Problems
  • And Many Other Conditions


What occurs during a CranioSacral Therapy session?
A typical Craniosacral Therapy session takes place in a quiet, private setting. You remain fully clothed as you relax on a comfortable, padded table. Your therapist begins by gently touching various parts of your body to monitor the rhythm of the fluid that is flowing around your central nervous system.

By carefully listening with the hands to locate areas of weak fluid flow or tissue motion, your practitioner can trace those areas of weakness through the body to the original source of dysfunction. Delicate manual techniques are then used to release those problem areas and improve the form and function of your central nervous system.

A CranioSacral Therapy session can last an hour or more. It can be used alone or integrated with other therapies to create powerful effects. What you experience from your own session is highly individual. The sessions are generally deeply relaxing, creating feelings of warmth or gentle pulsing in the areas the therapist is working on.




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