About Us

kathymainKathy Martinez has multiple roles at BodyWise Chiropractic, as she is both a Fascial Stretch Therapist (CFST Level II) and a Certified Chiropractic Assistant. Being a health and fitness professional for over 15 years, as the owner of Empowering Bodies Personal Training, LLC.,Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to these roles. Her passionate desire to continually provide better results has led her to acquire numerous certifications over the years including: Certified Personal Trainer (NPTI), Certified Russian Kettlebell Trainer (RKC and IKFF), Z Health® Level 4 Certified Trainer, and TRX Trainer. She uses her extensive understanding of human movement to provide individualized care for each person. Whether you are looking to find ways to move better, get stronger, or lose weight, Kathy has the tools in her toolbox to help!




Mike Yuhaniak has always wanted to help others, and his journey has included many different stops along the way to finding how best to serve others. He worked as a technician in an outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation clinic and as a personal trainer after graduating from the Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Public Health Studies. Later, he became the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Wrestling Team at Johns Hopkins University while concurrently serving as the Master Trainer at the largest personal training studio in Washington D.C. Since moving to Arizona he worked with everyone from elderly clients looking to regain their balance to professional athletes looking to sign $100 million dollar contracts.

During his ongoing studies, Mike learned the neurological training taught by Z-Health Performance Solutions and became intrigued upon finding out he had an innate ability to help others more directly with his hands. While pursuing his passion to serve others with CranioSacral Therapy, he has tried to blend both Eastern and Western approaches to healing, becoming both a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master. Whether you are looking to heal yourself or improve your performance, Mike looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.